Our Story

we are changing the way veterinary care is being delivered to our patients & clients.

I decided to open Rollin’ Vets, formerly known as South by South Vets, in 2015 after having been in practice for almost 20 years.  Throughout my career, I’ve known that at-home, mobile care was necessary in many instances, but started to see that it was also wanted by many for the convenience.  People had difficulty bringing their animals into their vet for a variety of reasons, such as their work schedules, a baby at home, multiple animals, CATS, large dogs, and more. So many other services were becoming mobile and accessible with the touch of a screen and I thought, ‘Why shouldn’t vet care be the same? Why can’t we create an amazing mobile pet vet service?’ Mobile, accessible, convenient.

One specific example that made me sure this was the right decision was a client whose animal had been in the clinic I was doing relief work for all day.  She came to pick him up, children in tow, and somehow got out the door without her medications.  When the clinic called her to let her know, she responded that there was no way she was able to get back to the clinic to pick them up.  Her children were sleeping and she was not going to sit in traffic again.  His meds would have to wait. 

I already knew this was my dream to build, but in that moment I felt it in my soul that this was the right thing to do.  We could bring help that people and animals needed directly to them in our mobile pet clinic, not the other way around.   We are changing the way veterinary care is being delivered to our patients and clients and I could not be prouder of our team and the services they provide!

- Dr. Katie Eick, C.E.O. & Founder

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